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Early childhood⁢⁢ work-study program⁢

The mandate⁢

The field of social education is not spared from the labor shortage, with a growing need to fill positions in different establishments (10,000 positions to be filled). To respond to this issue, CSMO-ÉSAC was designated to design and orchestrate a new work-study path specialized in early childhood.⁢

With this in mind, the CSMO-ÉSAC entrusted QuatreCentQuatre with the mission of creating a web portal intended to promote this new program, in order to increase and facilitate registrations. There was no shortage of challenges: it was a question of making the sector attractive, of countering the labor shortage, and this, in a highly competitive context, since many sectors face (and continue to face) similar employment issues.⁢

  • Digital product strategy⁢
  • User experience and journey⁢
  • Cross-platform mockups⁢
  • Craft CMS development⁢