Allow us to make the⁢ introductions⁢

Our name, a nod to the most famous error code, announces it: in our company, we have fun. At 4C4, we do what we love with as much seriousness as pleasure.⁢ ⁢

4C4 at a glance

QuatreCentQuatre was born because there was, in the Quebec landscape, a place available for a more specialized web agency, equipped to find THE ingenious solution that fits the brand and which will still be relevant in 10 years. A place for us to give a head start to clients who think beyond the short term and who see value in creativity rather than copy and paste.

We developed this niche, and after⁢ hundreds of digital projects⁢ carried out with a team as loyal as they are exceptional alongside companies of all sizes and from all sectors, we have kept the flame alive and we invest ourselves in each new project like the enthusiasts that we are.⁢

Our World

Those who are part of the solution⁢

Meet the reliable, brilliant and welcoming people who make up the QuatreCentQuatre team.⁢

  • Alexandre Côté

  • Benjamin Le Gall

  • Dimitri Kurc

  • Dominique Roy

  • Éric Certosini

  • Gabrielle Bernard

  • Gaël Patron

  • Héloïse Gaudreau-Lamoureux

  • James Mckernan

  • Jean-Christophe Gagnon

  • Jenny Bernier

  • Jérôme Bascoul

  • Josianne Chapdelaine

  • Leyla Theunissen

  • Maëlle Bussmann

  • Marie-Bénédict Jacquemin

  • Martin Dubois

  • Mathieu Gagnon

  • Max-André Hubert

  • Nicolas Lemoyne

  • Olivier Mc Cann

  • Olivier Simoneau

  • Philippe Trudel Guerbilsky

  • Rémi Lauzon

  • Ricardo Alberto Yanez Gomez

  • Robin Gauthier

  • Tessy Dupraz

  • Thibault Montel

  • Xavier Vachon